Definition of prank call in English:

prank call


  • A mischievous telephone call made to trick someone.

    ‘someone made a prank call to police’
    ‘she received a prank call by a caller claiming to be Russia's president’
    • ‘The court was told that after stealing the mobile phone he made two prank calls to former girlfriends.’
    • ‘I would spend hours with my friends devising prank calls.’
    • ‘The centre currently handles an average of 110,000 calls a month, and 40 percent of those are prank calls.’
    • ‘I've only made maybe two prank calls in my life.’
    • ‘What was the whole story behind the prank call?’
    • ‘The threat letters and prank calls have become more frequent.’
    • ‘Essex County Fire and Rescue Service and Essex Ambulance Service also have to contend with numerous prank calls.’
    • ‘A prank call tied up members of three emergency services in a fruitless search for a body in the Garavogue river.’
    • ‘Thousands of employees had to be evacuated from the buildings after what the police later classified as prank calls.’
    • ‘It was a life and death emergency, but a 911 operator dismissed it as a prank call.’
    • ‘Within moments you were using his mobile phone to make prank calls to your ex-girlfriends.’
    • ‘A businesswoman was left "angry and embarrassed" after a national radio station made a prank call to her.’
    • ‘He was out of breath and frantic at the time, and I assumed it was a prank call.’