Definition of praiseful in English:



  • See praise

    • ‘In every rendition, he records her devotion to home, family, and normality in praiseful tones and reiterates how wise and powerful she is.’
    • ‘What I don't know is what subset of that audience likes said films to be humorless, witless and boring as well, but judging from all the praiseful reviews the film has received, it must be disappointingly large.’
    • ‘The architecture critic hints at the design's shortcomings in one of the final paragraphs of his praiseful piece: ‘For sure, not everything about this plan is sweetness and roses.’’
    • ‘However, the articulation of praiseful devotion in words alone raises the suspicion that the religious practice of the speaker is inauthentic.’
    • ‘When that day comes I doubt you'll be anything but praiseful of such a ‘courageous judge,’ the forward-thinking philosopher king foisting his or her advanced notions of justice on the unthinking, retrograde masses.’