Definition of praise singer in English:

praise singer

(also praise poet)


South African
  • another term for imbongi
    • ‘However, the committee was up to the task and not long after their arrival the visitors from Down Under were given a warm welcome at the city hall, when a sangoma and praise singer greeted the squad.’
    • ‘Amid much enthusiasm and gales of laughter at the praise singer announcing his presence, he addressed the crowd.’
    • ‘In fact, some parties - not having enough praise singers and cadres - raise the number of supporters from the furthest nook of the nation for a flamboyant high mass choir, subsequently creating traffic jams.’
    • ‘At the very end of the council, a praise singer or poet would deliver a panegyric to the ancient Kings, and a mixture of compliments to and satire on the present chiefs, and the audience, led by the regent, would roar with laughter.’
    • ‘Pretoria's normally sedate Union Buildings were transformed yesterday into an African realm as drummers, Zulu dancers and a praise singer formed part of a glittering ceremony to bestow national orders on 28 achievers.’