Definition of praise be in English:

praise be


  • Used as an expression of relief, joy, or gratitude.

    ‘‘How is your sister?’ ‘On the mend, praise be.’’
    • ‘What he didn't do, praise be, was to make the mistake of too many coaches in too many sports and give victory the dreaded epithet of ‘an answer to our critics’.’
    • ‘Above all, there has been a pleasing impression of pace and simplicity about the play of those under him with, praise be, scant suggestion of backs with furrowed brows playing by numbers.’
    • ‘In the exodus, I lose my friends and run to catch a bus that arrives, praise be.’
    • ‘Finally, praise be, his wife and I have a common bond.’
    • ‘And a short summary of what the guests have to say is, praise be, subsequently posted on the web site.’