Definition of prairie schooner in English:

prairie schooner


North American
  • A covered wagon used by the 19th-century pioneers in crossing the North American prairies.

    • ‘Yet wonder scarcely described the emotion all three adventurers felt as they saw, stretching to the horizon, an endless line of prairie schooners ready to set sail over waves of blue-green grass.’
    • ‘The trinity of terror's bullets whizzed by Melissa's head, narrowly missing her soft, brown eyes as she attempted to shield her children from harm as the tiny, wooden prairie schooner rumbled haplessly across the desert.’
    • ‘It carried passengers in new stagecoaches and freight from the mines using twelve-mule teams and prairie schooners pulled by sixteen oxen plus six spare animals.’
    • ‘The earliest recollections I have are of Dad and family making the trip by covered wagon (prairie schooner) from Ness City, Kansas to Ouray, Colorado.’
    • ‘These ruts will probably be here for centuries to come, due to the fact that so many prairie schooners have passed over the same spot, compacting the ground further and further.’