Definition of pragmatically in English:



  • 1In a sensible and realistic way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations.

    ‘they acted pragmatically in response to circumstances’
    • ‘Looking for alternatives to current models of online education, he rather pragmatically suggests five points on how we should proceed.’
    • ‘The response has been to think pragmatically about high-density and very high-rise housing.’
    • ‘She moved to Raleigh, she remarried, and she had breast cancer—but she is pragmatically Zen about all of it.’
    • ‘Far from being a relaxed, social occasion, the bazaar is pragmatically designed for making money.’
    • ‘The gallery director is eyeing the Winter Olympics pragmatically.’
    • ‘Our goal is to help them acquire the background they need in how buildings go together pragmatically.’
    • ‘She preferred not to carry a heavy backpack, and at times she pragmatically let men haul it for her.’
    • ‘The noted garden historian disparages landscape architects for pragmatically lacking a theoretical basis for design.’
    • ‘"It didn't occur to me to worry that they were looking at it," she says pragmatically.’
    • ‘Community leaders are often business people, so we approach them pragmatically.’
    1. 1.1 In terms of philosophical or political pragmatism.
      ‘the acceptance of an empirical belief might be pragmatically justified’
      • ‘Is it pragmatically better to believe in God than not, insofar as theists, taken across all possible worlds, are on average better off than atheists?’
      • ‘The propriety of adopting the intentional stance towards a system is settled pragmatically in terms of the utility of its application in interacting with the system.’
      • ‘Such 'pragmatically self-verifying' propositions seem too specialized to serve as models for foundational judgements generally.’
      • ‘According to a pragmatically inspired democratic experimentalism, attempts at democratisation and reform need not wait for publics to emerge.’
      • ‘Epistemological realism is misguided theoretically and pragmatically.’
      • ‘He takes the causal field to be a set of assumed conditions pragmatically superimposed on a preselective notion of connection.’
      • ‘She asks feminist and other readers of Foucault to pragmatically judge his work on what it does—that is, on the transformative impact that it has on their lives.’
      • ‘It is causation that provides the real basis for the pragmatically selected natural kinds we attend to.’
      • ‘He claims he is not a Stoic while prescribing a pragmatically Stoic remedy.’
      • ‘The 'correct' standard to set for claims to knowledge is to be decided pragmatically, on grounds of practical convenience.’