Definition of praetor in English:


(US pretor)

Pronunciation /ˈpriːtɔː//ˈpriːtə/


Roman History
  • Each of two ancient Roman magistrates ranking below consul.

    • ‘Recall that legal procedures of the chthonic tradition were essentially open ones; there were no barriers such as the praetor of roman law or the chancellor (keeper of the writs) of the common law.’
    • ‘Quaestors, praetors, and consuls were often employed after their year of office at Rome as ‘pro-magistrates’ to administer the provinces of the Roman empire.’
    • ‘In fact, the praetors had to ‘bow to the will of the senate’.’
    • ‘When Caesar was a praetor, he supported a tribune who wanted Pompey recalled to restore order in Rome.’
    • ‘Once again, elections were held for aedile, praetor, quaestor and the other traditional offices of the Republic.’


Latin, perhaps from prae ‘before’ + it- ‘gone’ (from the verb ire).