Definition of practicability in English:



mass noun
  • The quality of being practicable; viability.

    ‘the practicability of his ideas has nothing to do with their truth’
    • ‘This early experimentation with nonresident instruction provided valuable insights into its utility and practicability on a wider scale.’
    • ‘However, the test is one of practicability, not reasonableness.’
    • ‘This problem will tax the ingenuity of the ablest designer desirous of producing a nice balance between traditional charm and reasoned practicability.’
    • ‘In these cases, impairment is measured for the smallest group of assets (the income-generating unit) that produces a largely independent income stream, subject to constraints of practicability and materiality.’
    • ‘Reasonable practicability can involve a constraint on what is capable of being done by reference either to practical considerations or to normative considerations.’
    practicality, workability, workableness, viability, achievability, attainability, reasonableness, sensibleness
    feasibility, viability, practicality, possibility, workability, workableness, achievability, attainability
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