Definition of poxy in English:


adjectivepoxiest, poxier

  • Of poor quality; worthless.

    ‘they've won one poxy trophy’
    • ‘I think I wrote about what I'd had to drink and how poxy the audience were though.’
    • ‘I'm just sick to the back teeth of waiting for this poxy thing to show up.’
    • ‘Our parents and, even worse, our grandparents - people who remained engaged for five or six years so they could save up enough to buy a whole house, not just the poxy five per cent deposit - must think we are insane.’
    • ‘There was no option but to disassemble the poxy thing, stuff it back into it's box (needless to say they never go back in) and schlep back to Croydon.’
    • ‘So I sat there for the whole exam staring miserably at this poxy exam paper and waiting for the first opportunity of escape.’
    minute, small-scale, scaled-down, mini, baby, toy, pocket, fun-size, petite, dwarfish, knee-high, miniature, minuscule, microscopic, nanoscopic, infinitesimal, micro, diminutive, pocket-sized, reduced, lilliputian
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