Definition of power slide in English:

power slide


  • A deliberate controlled skid in a vehicle, performed in order to turn corners at high speed.

    • ‘The snowmobiler finally finished his power slide.’
    • ‘He hits the gas and cranks the wheel hard to the left, throwing his rented car into a four-wheel power slide around a muddy hairpin curve.’
    • ‘I'm sure the spectators have enjoyed seeing all the power slides.’
    • ‘Every chapter came with a points target which had to be reached in order to open up the next one, and these ‘kudos' points were gained by winning races and performing certain driving feats, like power slides and risky overtakes.’
    • ‘I've done a power slide in an airboat on the Florida Everglades.’
    • ‘As the other cars started to close the distance, she decided to send her car into a power-slide, giving her a quick ninety degree turn.’
    • ‘The basic repertoire of stopping techniques includes the brake-pad, the T-stop, spinouts, and the power slide.’
    • ‘The dynamics model is complex and believable; thus you can pull off satisfying leaps, perform two wheeled antics or power slides, or even drive sedately purely for the sake of perversity.’
    • ‘If you go really fast - and I'm talking now about ‘tired of living’ fast - the back loses traction and you are presented with an easy-to-control power slide.’
    • ‘For further adrenaline pumping action, the power slides and handbrake turns, on the specially constructed handling stage, are enough to take anyone's breath away.’
    • ‘Power sliding is the name of the game here, and mastering the power slide is a must before players can hope to win any but the easiest races on the most boring courses.’
    • ‘There isn't as much grip as you might have been expecting, but when you overstep the mark it puts a huge, gleaming smile on your face as the rear steps out of line in a totally controlled power slide.’
    • ‘Power sliding through tight bends and avoiding the barriers around the track will score you style points; the longer the power slide, the more points you'll receive.’