Definition of power shovel in English:

power shovel


  • A mechanical excavator.

    • ‘The coal is then scraped out by huge power shovels, some capable of removing up to 100 cubic meters at a time.’
    • ‘Rescue workers used power shovels to peel away the twisted metal of the two worst-damaged train cars, flattened against the apartment building.’
    • ‘Aircraft landing gear assemblies, power shovels, and track rollers utilize solid aluminum bearings to withstand high-shock loads.’
    • ‘It is also used for power shovel track pads, drive tumblers, and dipper racks and pinions.’
    • ‘Austenitic manganese steel is used in equipment for handling and processing earthen materials (such as rock crushers, grinding mills, dredge buckets, power shovel buckets and teeth, and pumps for handling gravel and rocks).’