Definition of power dressing in English:

power dressing


mass noun
  • The practice of dressing in a style intended to show that one holds an important position in business, politics, etc.

    • ‘There's nothing new about power dressing.’
    • ‘The Labor party does have a sense of romance and a literary history that goes side-by-side with some of the power-dressing and bad ties.’
    • ‘The clothes you wear have a lot to do with it and it's not just a question of "power dressing" either.’
    • ‘Forget power-dressing, now it's time for power haircuts.’
    • ‘On the political stage, however, she cuts a composed and stylish figure, without resorting to power dressing.’
    • ‘I'm talking power dressing at whole new level.’
    • ‘Now that stiff power-dressing has disappeared, the blazer is ready for its third wave of success.’
    • ‘It was the decade of power-dressing and big hair.’
    • ‘That's really cool power dressing.’
    • ‘But with power-dressing currently as popular as Tony Blair at the Ledbury hunt ball, its imminent revival seems certain.’
    • ‘Designer labels and power dressing were all the go.’
    • ‘He saw off the last vestiges of heroin chic, and ushered in an era of dressing up, redefining power dressing on the way.’
    • ‘However, he feels the concept of power dressing among women will take some time.’
    • ‘It was utterly at odds with the broad shoulders and pencil skirts that defined the power-dressing of the period.’
    • ‘Power dressing is important for the woman of today.’
    • ‘This is power dressing 16th-century style- look at Jean's shoes!’
    • ‘Thomas was amazed at the `power dressing' at airports.’
    • ‘I think their choices are interesting, but come on, it's on the same page as "men's guide to power dressing".’
    • ‘Cheryl had kept faith with power-dressing; you could balance tea trays on her shoulder pads.’
    • ‘Power dressing the Venezuelan way means the tighter the better.’


power dressing