Definition of power behind the throne in English:

power behind the throne


  • A person who exerts authority or influence without having formal status.

    • ‘Murray, still the power behind the throne with a 66% stake in the club, was a brash showman.’
    • ‘The fact that the stars and bars is only an illusion for the real power behind the throne could ruin their psyche and crash their egos.’
    • ‘But there was always a suspicion that he remained the power behind the throne - and, on Friday, he admitted he was still the security adviser.’
    • ‘It was far removed from the image of the power behind the throne, the profligate fashionista with a passion for dabbling in horoscopes to schedule presidential events.’
    • ‘He is widely acknowledged as the real power behind the throne.’
    • ‘Successive coaches were perceived as the being the powers behind the throne, but the club grew stronger after each departed.’
    • ‘That of course gets the political tongues wagging in terms of this issue of how people rate his power and influence, and whether he is the power behind the throne.’
    • ‘But to say that such people are the power behind the throne in the current administration is absurdity of a high order.’
    • ‘His performance revealed how formidable he is as the power behind the throne and how inadequate as a public man.’
    • ‘They are the great untapped source of power for aspiring politicians, the potential power behind the throne.’