Definition of power-walk in English:


noun & verb

  • See power walking

    • ‘I shoved the paper back at him and power-walked off before he could respond.’
    • ‘The walk brought an end to an intense training regime, where the group power-walked for miles to get fit for the challenge which they were desperate to do after being told they could not take part in the London event.’
    • ‘Thirty years ago only a handful of fitness buffs regularly jogged, power-walked, worked out with free weights or said no to a piece of succulent, deep-fried chicken or movie popcorn drenched in butter.’
    • ‘Lots of people sort of power-walk or slow-jog their way into a run for 10 min or so to get their heart rate up and muscles warm.’
    • ‘I power-walked through the crowds of people, ignoring those who called my name.’