Definition of powder puff in English:

powder puff


  • 1A soft pad for applying powder to the skin, especially the face.

    • ‘Not that the ad dwells on whatever it was he did, because too much chatter would distract from the footage of a younger, hipper Senate candidate massaging another man's face and applying powder with a pink powder puff.’
    • ‘A powder puff would then gently be dabbed on her face to even out any creases or blotches.’
    • ‘Applicators - sponges, brushes, powder puffs - pose the greatest risk of common contamination because they can harbor bacteria, dirt and oil from your skin.’
    • ‘It was funny watching Mr Tough Guy pat his face with this little powder puff, but I didn't dare tease him.’
    • ‘The final touch to Laura's ensemble is two handkerchief-wrapped powder puffs stuffed in the bosom of her dress to improve her bust line.’
    • ‘She tries in vain to reverse what is happening through the use of face powder and a powder puff, but with the knowledge that nothing can be done.’
    • ‘Before doing anything else, she dabs her T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) with loose powder, using a large powder puff to pick up excess moisture.’
    • ‘Prepare to be amazed as Jeanne's creations mix traditional and non-traditional materials including powder puffs, hair clips and face masks.’
    • ‘I prefer to think of it as a miniature powder-puff, essentially feminine and quite irresistible.’
    • ‘It looks like a giant's white powder puff that when cut reveals a smooth, pale cheese with an aroma that hints of lemon, milk and freshly mown grass.’
    • ‘‘But melting makeup and shine don't mean you should be a slave to a powder puff,’ she adds.’
    • ‘Tonalities of white and pink dominate the composition: the delicate pallor of her alabaster skin and the rosiness of her cheeks and lips are variously echoed in her gown and mantle, the cameo, tablecloth, and powder puff.’
    1. 1.1informal An ineffectual person or thing.
      as modifier ‘a powder-puff bowler’
      • ‘It may be slow-burning for modern tastes but it still makes soap opera look powder-puff.’
      • ‘He was a man's man, far removed from pretty boys like Valentino and other powder-puff men of the 1920s.’
      • ‘Ever since they were bundled out of the World Cup with a powder-puff effort against the Wallabies, New Zealanders have been obsessed with restoring some mongrel and cohesion to their forward pack.’
      • ‘The Argentinian is ripe for the taking as his record suggests a mediocre fighting ability and a powder-puff punch.’
      • ‘As for a pitcher to round out this powder-puff team, there's no shortage of solid candidates since countless starters and relievers failed to hit a single home run during long careers.’
      • ‘A baffling change in formation, a dreadful goalkeeping error, woeful defending and powder-puff finishing combined to ensure their heaviest defeat of the season.’
      • ‘However, his powder-puff effort dropped short and the referee's whistle blew immediately to signal the end of a bitty match.’
      • ‘There is nothing powder-puff about the All Black front five.’
      • ‘I talked him into shooting a few rounds through the rifle, and he was astonished at the powder-puff recoil.’
      • ‘He, however, begins with a massive serve but follows it up with a powder-puff game.’
      • ‘Yet again Saints lacked a forward who can cause damage in the penalty box, and their powder-puff probings were often the springboard for surging Celtic counter-attacks.’
      • ‘Much has been made of the powder-puff midfield, consisting of a series of pleasing ball players with little real bite.’
      • ‘The owner describes her salon as ‘more paramedic than cosmetic,’ but don't let the powder-puff philosophizing scare you off.’
      • ‘You never felt anything so light as those spindly little legs; you never saw anything so fine as the pin-fine veins in her powder-puff wings.’
      • ‘But he must do better in 2004, because he will not have the luxury of a powder-puff opposition allowing him to remain in low gear.’
      • ‘Not only was he stopped in the eighth round by the powder-puff youngster, he struggled to put his punches together and failed to effectively use his reach advantage.’
      • ‘Resorting to long-range efforts and powder-puff headers, Rangers kept to the task but neither goal mouth skirmishes in the closing stages or panicked snapshots could deliver the necessary goal.’


powder puff