Definition of Pouilly in English:



mass noun
  • Any of various dry white wines produced in central France.

    • ‘This Drouet Pouilly Fume exhibits fine, fresh, high-octane fruit, coupled with astounding flinty minerality and smokiness.’
    • ‘The Pouilly Fumé is very drinkable, but £30 will blow French minds clean away.’
    • ‘The result, brochet au beurre blanc, washed down with a fine bottle of Pouilly Fumé, was quite delicious.’
    • ‘We ordered a bottle of Pouilly Fume Domainede Maltaverne 2001 for €28.60.’
    • ‘With lunch my choice is often for a Pouilly Fume, especially for the Cuvee Silex of Didier Dagueneau or that of Guy Saget.’
    • ‘Millions of drinkers steer clear of wines such as Gewurztraminer and Pouilly Fume, worried they will look silly when they get the names wrong when ordering, according to new research.’
    • ‘So I would like everyone to drink Pouilly Fumé.’
    • ‘Pouilly Fume from the Radcliffe's Regional Classics range, £10.99 at Thresher Not for me at that price’
    • ‘Try a Pouilly Fumé - La Ducette makes a nice one for $23.95-or a Savenniéres, produced from the chenin blanc grape.’
    • ‘'This is a well-priced Pouilly Fume' is an appellation that has quickly become expensive.’
    • ‘The perfect counterpoint to this opulence is a lean and unfussy sauvignon blanc, such as this classical Pouilly Fume.’
    • ‘The slightly smoky aftertaste of the Pouilly Fume goes very well with fish dishes and this example is very well rounded.’
    • ‘Even The Guardian, a newspaper popular with brie-nibbling, Pouilly Fuisse-sipping liberals, had to admit it: relations between Britain and France haven't been this bad for 40 years.’
    • ‘We then moved upmarket with a bottle of Pouilly-Fume, Domaine Denis Gaudry for £24.95, again superb value for our buck.’
    • ‘I confess, however, that at times I am perfectly willing to settle for a good Champagne, Pouilly Fuisse or Muscadet.’
    • ‘Comparisons with Pouilly-Fumé, made just a few miles upstream on the opposite bank, are inevitable, although both are relatively large, heterogeneous appellations, Sancerre even more than Pouilly.’
    • ‘Pouilly Fume is from the Radcliffe's Regional Classics range at Thresher.’
    • ‘We went the whole hog ordering the Pouilly Fuisse Vieilles Vignes Domaine Cordier, 2000 for EUR 99.’
    • ‘What was then known as Grand Pouilly, and subsequently became known as Pouilly-Fuissé, was introduced to the United States in the 1930s, immediately after the Repeal of Prohibition.’
    • ‘The load consisted of a mixture of Champagne and French white wine, including Pouilly Fume, Domaine du Rochoy Sancerre, Ritz and Jacquart Champagne.’


The name, or part of the name, of several French villages where such wines are produced.