Definition of potentize in English:


(also potentise)


  • 1Make stronger or more potent.

    ‘silica is known to stimulate and potentize immune functions’
    • ‘A crystal glass fountain that circulates liquid potentized LSD stands in the centre of the hall.’
    • ‘Great emphasis is put on building up soil fertility, but crops are also sprayed with ‘preparations’ of plant and animal substances which are ‘potentised’ or concentrated, rather like homeopathic medicines.’
    1. 1.1 Make (a homeopathic medicine) more powerful by diluting and shaking it.
      ‘a minute potentized dose of the remedy’
      • ‘The curative agent must be ‘potentized’ by a series of dilutions and ‘succussions,’ such that not even a molecule of the original substance remains in the ‘remedy.’’
      • ‘When manufacturing homeopathic vaccines, the pathogen is isolated, diluted and shaken in a process known as potentizing.’
      • ‘Consequently I had to again visit my Homoeopathic friend, who said no, these tablets were not potentised.’
      • ‘That homeopathy, which uses ‘potentized’ substances, has a different rule for its very different preparations is no contradiction of this principle.’
      • ‘These individual native plant devic blessings further enhance and potentize the efficacy of the range of native flower essences.’
      • ‘I have never heard of a homoeopath using potentised allergens to treat an allergy, although possibly in some cases this might be an effective treatment.’