Definition of potentiometer in English:



  • 1An instrument for measuring an electromotive force by balancing it against the potential difference produced by passing a known current through a known variable resistance.

    • ‘Install potentiometers, hook them to the accelerator pedal and connect to the controller.’
    • ‘The controller reads the setting of the accelerator pedal from the potentiometers and regulates the power accordingly.’
    • ‘Other evaluation tools include surface electromyography, accelerometers, potentiometers, handwriting tremor analysis, and long-term tremor records.’
    • ‘Chloride content of the cold acid extract was determined using a selective ion electrode potentiometer.’
  • 2A variable resistor with a third adjustable terminal. The potential at the third terminal can be adjusted to give any fraction of the potential across the ends of the resistor.

    • ‘If you don't know, it's basically a potentiometer which alters the relative bass/treble of the sound.’
    • ‘The controller uses two stock joystick potentiometers, plus another potentiometer that measures the draw on a cable that emerges from the body of the controller.’
    • ‘Therefore I mounted on the axis of the potentiometer, a capacitor as a knob, and a small switch next to it.’
    • ‘There are no switches, jumpers or potentiometers to set.’
    • ‘The potentiometer that measured the knee flexion angle was initialized with the knee at 90 [degrees] of flexion.’
    • ‘It has its own fan controller; a potentiometer regulates the fan speed.’