Definition of potential well in English:

potential well


  • A region in a field of force, in particular the region in which an atomic nucleus is situated, in which the potential is significantly lower than at points immediately outside it, so that a particle in it is likely to remain there unless it gains a relatively large amount of energy.

    • ‘Engineers can control the colour of the light emitted by the laser simply by adjusting the energy levels within the central sheet, which acts as a potential well.’
    • ‘Each particle thus diffuses in a potential well and its movement is simulated using a Brownian dynamics algorithm.’
    • ‘Then, by applying an electric field perpendicular to these layers, you create a potential well which can confine electrons along this perpendicular direction.’
    • ‘The defects produce a potential well which holds the electrons in them.’
    • ‘This lattice can trap the neutral atoms in potential wells because the electric fields of the lasers induce a dipole moment in the atom.’