Definition of potage in English:



mass noun
  • Thick soup.

    ‘coarse, spicy potage’
    count noun ‘recipes for soups or potages’
    • ‘Anglo-Saxons swore by watercress potage to purify their blood every spring, and there are 17 th-century recipes for watercress ‘sallets’, which mix the leaves with oranges, lemons, raisins and pears.’
    • ‘In Genesis, Jacob gave Esau, in exchange for his birthright, a meal of red potage, probably a red lentil stew.’
    • ‘Our meals started with a choice of potage or salad, which the menu claimed was ‘famous.’’
    • ‘It was a tasty vegetable potage accompanied by satisfyingly fresh rolls.’
    • ‘Another plus here is that meals include potage or salad, so you don't feel cheap if you can't spring for an appetizer.’


Mid 16th century: from French. Compare with pottage.