Definition of pot pie in English:

pot pie


North American
  • 1A savoury pie baked in a deep dish, typically with a top crust only.

    • ‘Southern-style food highlights the menu with unique dishes like salmon pot pie, turkey meatloaf, and salmon croquettes.’
    • ‘We went to the diner before the arrival at Tuscaloosa and again the beef pot pie was the thing to have.’
    • ‘The food is basic and inexpensive and for both reasons has wide appeal to area residents who go for the grilled shell steak, grilled salmon, chicken pot pie or spaghetti with shrimp and scallops.’
    • ‘I had the chicken pot pie, slaw, soup, ice tea and cheesecake.’
    • ‘I headed to the diner for lunch at 12: 45 and enjoyed a salad and chicken pot pie priced at $7.25.’
    • ‘‘Unit’ food people tend to perceive pre-portioned units of food, such as a sandwich, burrito or pot pie, as something they'll finish, regardless of size.’
    • ‘Autumn looked like she was going to protest for a moment, but the aroma of the chicken pot pie drifting tantalizingly past her nostrils seemed to convince her of the merits of Mom's plan.’
    • ‘Camy just shook her head and finished her pot pie quickly.’
    • ‘Considering what wine to pair with that steak or chicken pot pie is a particularly pleasant task.’
    • ‘While the pot pie cooked Vicki ran into the living room.’
    • ‘Ginger opened the oven to check if the chicken pot pie was done.’
    • ‘Has it become distant and cold to its fellow pies, like the earthy apple pie and the hearty pot pie and the homespun pumpkin pie?’
    • ‘The Southern fare menu includes chicken pot pie and meatloaf and despite the in-crowd feel, the locals are inviting and friendly.’
    • ‘The chicken pot pie makes me wonder why other restaurants don't offer it on their menus.’
    • ‘Indeed, I think the waiter mis-heard my order and served up the baby vegetable pot pie instead, which, for £11, was packed full of vegetables and topped with puff pastry.’
    • ‘She shoved the pot pie back in and slammed the oven door.’
    • ‘Duck pot pie may be their most impressive dish.’
    • ‘If your idea of edgy eating is a chicken pot pie, don't go here.’
    • ‘Overcooking could leave a whole cabinet of chicken to debone for use in the pot pie on the buffet.’
    • ‘On a cold, rainy day, there's nothing better than stopping in for a hot pot pie.’
  • 2A stew with dumplings.