Definition of pot-bellied in English:



  • See pot belly

    • ‘Ken, the avuncular pot-bellied politician with a preference for suede shoes, small cigars and pints, turned a few heads when he and his gang of 12 swept into the Mare.’
    • ‘Tinker, a career criminal, has spent much of his life in prison; he's pot-bellied, balding with straggly brown hair, and has a thick handlebar moustache.’
    • ‘That hairy pot-bellied old man is the director.’
    • ‘Afterwards - when he'd pocketed an estimated $250m thanks to his pot-bellied botanist pal - he became a major Hollywood force.’
    • ‘Groups of pot-bellied old men in seldom worn suits stood in clusters, leaning in to catch a word, laughing, lining up for photos taken by children and grandchildren.’
    • ‘Grey-haired matrons, in their favorite skirts and lucky boots, spin and move with knobby-kneed, pot-bellied men.’
    paunchy, beer-bellied, portly, rotund, roly-poly, stout, overweight, corpulent, falstaffian
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