Definition of postwoman in English:



  • A woman who is employed to deliver or collect letters and parcels.

    • ‘‘My plan was to stay with the main group and to see how I felt,’ explained the new champion, whose job as a Manchester postwoman certainly helped her training programme.’
    • ‘The woman was discovered in a distressed state later on after Rochester told a postwoman to go to the house.’
    • ‘Currently, postmen and postwomen in inner London get £3,281, and in outer London £2,038, on top of the basic salary to compensate for the capital's high living costs.’
    • ‘He said: ‘The postwoman was handing over some mail to one of the residents who noticed two youths on a blue moped pull up by the bike.’’
    • ‘As you can guess, 88 billion would keep a lot of postmen and postwomen in jobs delivering cheques.’
    • ‘Reading - one third of the postmen and postwomen are suffering from influenza, and deliveries are much delayed.’
    • ‘A terrified postwoman is refusing to deliver mail to a house in the street because of a frightening cat.’
    • ‘More than 20,000 postmen and postwomen remained on unofficial strike across the capital and in parts of Essex, the North-West, Hampshire, the Midlands and Home Counties.’
    • ‘A village postwoman has been branded a ‘nasty busy body’ for deliberately withholding mail from a resident who was an ‘outsider’.’
    • ‘She also loved to receive letters and looked forward to the arrival of the postman or postwoman on a daily basis.’
    • ‘We counted 219 cyclists crossing under the railway bridge, 40 of whom were postmen or postwomen.’
    • ‘A strike by Royal Mail staff at Wythenshawe has been called off after a postwoman sacked for not wearing a cycle helmet was given her job back.’
    • ‘The bag was left next to a wall while the postwoman began her round.’
    • ‘A council spokesman said: ‘The postwoman went through a very traumatic incident due to this dog and had she not been wearing thick clothing, her injuries could have been much worse.’’
    • ‘A district councillor said: ‘She is the friendly face of the Royal Mail, a traditional village postwoman who knows everyone and is good at her job.’’
    • ‘She initially started working as a postwoman, but decided to become a driving instructor to rid the region of its dangerous drivers.’
    • ‘He meets a postwoman and falls in love with her.’