Definition of postorbital in English:



  • Situated at the back of the orbit or eye socket, in particular denoting a process of the frontal bone which in some reptiles forms a separate bone.

    • ‘The skull of a colugo is very distinctive, broad and flat in outline and with a nearly complete postorbital process that sets off the eye sockets.’
    • ‘All artiodactyls have a postorbital bar or process.’
    • ‘The skulls of mormoopids lack postorbital processes.’
    • ‘The orbit is far back in the skull, behind the teeth, and the postorbital processes are broad.’
    • ‘The postorbital process of the frontal bone is sharp.’


  • A postorbital bone.

    • ‘Lateral processes for the postorbitals are short, and a broad sutural contact with the laterosphenoid occurs within the supratemporal space.’
    • ‘Again, there may be individual variation and some exceptions, but the general rule is six bones: three operculars, the squamosal, a postorbital, and any posterior process of the lacrimojugal.’
    • ‘Anteriorly, the postorbital contacts the jugal, and posteriorly the postorbital enters the upper temporal arch.’
    • ‘For example, in the Podcnemoidae, the jugal makes contact with the parietal, the postorbital being very reduced.’
    • ‘The capitate processes are small and visible through the supratemporal fenestrae dorsally, fitting within fossae in the postorbitals.’