Definition of postmillennialist in English:



  • See postmillennialism

    • ‘Unlike postmillennialists, who anticipated a gradual progress towards the millennium through Christian, human agencies, premillennialists looked for a sudden change through divine, cataclysmic action.’
    • ‘Pietistic postmillennialists deny that the postmillennial advance of the kingdom involves the total transformation of culture through the application of biblical law.’
    • ‘In the Antebellum Era, most Evangelical Protestants were optimistic postmillennialists.’
    • ‘Amillennialists are not likely as optimistic as postmillennialists nor as pessimistic as premillennialists.’
    • ‘Schaeffer and other premillennialists picked up themes of dominionism from the postmillennialist Rushdoony, and adapted them to premillennial theology.’