Definition of postmaster in English:



  • A man in charge of a post office.

    • ‘The dispute has escalated over the past two weeks since the rural postmasters have stopped postmen and women using their premises to sort post on Mondays and Fridays.’
    • ‘A lot of postmasters and postmistresses are living in fear due to the recent spate of robberies.’
    • ‘The postmaster of a Bradford post office earmarked for closure blames a loss of trade on child benefits being paid into banks.’
    • ‘In response to the spate of armed robberies, the Post Office told postmasters and postmistresses warning them to be extra vigilant.’
    • ‘For years now, postmasters and postmistresses have been sorting post, something that we were never meant to be doing.’
    • ‘He and other postmasters today criticised the Post Office, saying they did not feel the organisation was protecting them properly.’
    • ‘The Church hopes that providing rent-free or subsidised facilities will cut the overheads of running a rural post office and persuade the Post Office to replace postmasters.’
    • ‘The postmaster at Thackley Post Office said they were treating the closure as a business decision but would not make any further’
    • ‘Her father was the postmaster at Newbridge Post Office, following a career in the British army.’
    • ‘Will postmasters and postmistresses who see their profitability falling risk borrowing more money - if they even can - to expand the goods and services available in their post offices?’
    • ‘Rural postmasters and postmistresses are to be given a share of £66m to encourage them not to close thousands of offices that are vital to elderly and isolated people.’
    • ‘The postmen back the postmasters 110%, he said.’
    • ‘The postmaster said the mail-carrier would come by in an hour to take the mail on to Summit.’
    • ‘She is the postmaster of the sub-post office where the postal orders were cashed.’
    • ‘Until the Post Office realise that they are underpaying their postmasters, they are going to lose them.’
    • ‘It should be noted that postmasters are not employed by the post office they are paid for each transaction they perform.’
    • ‘The report suggests a buy-out scheme for postmasters and postmistresses who would then have the option of becoming agents.’
    • ‘The postmaster fears rural post offices like Sherston and Hullavington will close without the income received through benefit transactions.’
    • ‘The recommendation to close the post offices was made after postmasters were offered early retirement packages.’
    • ‘More importantly, most of the postmasters running Britain's post offices are entrepreneurs - not bureaucrats.’