Definition of postlude in English:



  • 1A concluding piece of music.

    ‘a long orchestral postlude’
    figurative ‘an audacious postlude to a distinguished career’
    • ‘This is a good choice for groups who do prelude or postlude music at church services or other functions.’
    • ‘This work consists of a collection of 7 chorales with preludes and postludes with which the organist can make his contribution to all the liturgical parts of the religious service.’
    • ‘Preludes, offertories, anthems, postludes - these and their like are not essential to worship.’
    • ‘They make an odd postlude to Bach and Brahms, however.’
    • ‘The Vocalise, which was not on Previn's recording, comes as a quiet postlude to the Second's drama.’
    • ‘While some composers have excelled at writing preludes, Silvestrov has become the master of the postlude.’
    appendix, codicil, postscript, afterword, tailpiece, rider, coda, supplement, accompaniment
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    1. 1.1 An epilogue or afterword.
      • ‘Also added is a postlude in which the authors mount a spirited defence of their position in response to the hostile reception given to the first edition.’
      • ‘The whole is introduced by a ‘prelude’ called The Amen Stone (which means ‘May it come to pass’) and closes with a postlude about the same stone.’
      • ‘In her postlude to the book, she added, ‘Out of that struggle to find himself he created art that made an enormous contribution to theater and dance almost worldwide.’’
      • ‘Bloom informs us that he wrote the monograph as a postlude to ‘Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human’.’
      supplement, addendum, postscript, codicil
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Mid 19th century: from post- ‘later, after’, on the pattern of prelude.