Definition of postgrad in English:


adjective & noun

  • short for postgraduate
    • ‘As a postgrad student in Kentucky in the late 1960s, I was paid what seemed a small fortune to teach drama.’
    • ‘The one I use most of the time, and which I refer to in this post, is only for postgrads, academics and professionals, all of whom really should know better.’
    • ‘He did his postgrad at a university in Brussels.’
    • ‘Every action by the government elicited an equal and opposite reaction by our little army of oppressed postgrads.’
    • ‘I've basically been working on my essay which is due in next week (last essay for my postgrad uni course thank god!) and just bumming around.’
    • ‘Then I went and got a postgrad in arts administration - which led me more into the field I'm in now.’
    • ‘School is getting better and better, I've started studying for my postgrad Dip and I've got a budget in place, and promised visitors from home, as well as some good friends here.’
    • ‘The short piece I wrote that you posted to the blog the other day was originally presented to a group of women's studies postgrads and staff at La Trobe University.’
    • ‘Dons and postgrads stride purposefully through the quads, clutching books and papers, on their way to the Bodleian Library, or to a committee meeting, or to lunch.’
    • ‘They are willing to sponsor a student or two to take postgrad qualifications in shortage areas such as e-Commerce.’
    • ‘We all laughed, of course, but being English postgrads, it came out that a number of us had written highbrow teenage love poetry - Martin had written a girl a sonnet.’
    • ‘Mind you, they turfed the undergrads out, and not many of the postgrads heard about the two-for-one tickets.’
    • ‘Dundee's Caird Hall, the venue for the student enterprise summit, was buzzing with undergraduates and postgrads.’
    • ‘Very soon I'll have been out of postgrad study for as long as I was a postgrad, so my claims still to be bruised by that experience can't really stand up for much longer… can they?’
    • ‘‘Be cool, stay in school’ is indoctrinated into students from preschool to postgrad, but the entrepreneurial impulse is not always suited to college.’
    • ‘This is why, before applying at prospective universities, staff and postgrads always check the library.’
    • ‘It was also interesting to note how many of the other postgrads came from other ‘elite’ institutions.’
    • ‘There are some exceptions in the financial services sector, where a degree in business, commerce or mathematics and a postgrad in IT can still secure an IT position.’
    • ‘I first saw it in '96 as part of a postgrad module on terrorism and counter-insurgency and thought it was fantastic.’
    • ‘Hence the word ‘undergraduate’ became a pejorative for us world-weary postgrads.’