Definition of postgenomic in English:



  • Relating to or denoting the study of the expression of the set of genes in an organism.

    • ‘The examination of these and other measures to detect changes of gene function along branches of a phylogenetic tree will become increasingly important in the postgenomic era.’
    • ‘The factors that determine composition of coding and noncoding regions of DNA are not well understood, but in the postgenomic era, some compositional rules are beginning to unravel.’
    • ‘One of the major challenges facing postgenomic research is integrating sequence data with data from the functional analysis of genes.’
    • ‘In the postgenomic era, when new technologies are readily available to evolutionary geneticists, the field's attention is shifting to the evolution of expression at the RNA and protein levels.’
    • ‘A major task for the postgenomic era is to characterize the full protein complement, i.e. the proteome, for organisms.’