Definition of postgame in English:



North American
  • Denoting or relating to an event that occurs directly after a particular sports game.

    ‘they exchanged customary postgame handshakes’
    ‘he serves as a co-host on the Buccaneers pregame and postgame shows’
    • ‘During his regular postgame news conference, Carr said he would have booed, too.’
    • ‘That night, we bought four bottles of wine, turned on some music and had our postgame report.’
    • ‘His postgame rant at an official following Friday's loss to Indiana was penalized with a US $7,500 fine.’
    • ‘In the postgame locker room the Steelers were numbed.’
    • ‘Though all the postgame talk-radio buzz was about how Davey is as good as gone, it doesn't appear that simple.’
    • ‘It was, in so many ways, a typical postgame scene in the locker room.’
    • ‘Postgame X-rays were negative, and the Pirates said Duke wasn't expected to miss more than one start.’
    • ‘During the Astros' postgame celebration, they did look ahead toward the White Sox.’
    • ‘"This is a moment you always dream of but never think will come," he said during the postgame ceremony to retire his jersey.’
    • ‘Gibbs, three weeks ago at a preseason game in St. Louis, walked briskly to the podium to open a postgame press conference.’


North American
  • A television or radio programme focusing on the outcome of a particular sports game, broadcast directly after the game itself.

    ‘he had a noticeable limp during the postgame’
    • ‘As Jeter noted in the postgame, Mike Mussina and the Yanks must beat the Diamondbacks in order for their Game 4 win to mean much.’
    • ‘Anderson Cooper picks up the postgame at 10:30 from Washington.’
    • ‘Play-by-play Michael Kay has moved from radio broadcasts and postgames to the TV booth.’
    • ‘Phil hinted to it during the postgame, saying that his kids wanna hear him retire.’
    • ‘"It was very nice to have Matee back," Lacey remarked during the postgame.’
    • ‘Some observed that basketball has now become more of a show than a sporting event, with dancing and music and a variety of interactive elements that fill every pregame, postgame, halftime and time-out.’