Definition of poster in English:



  • 1A large printed picture used for decoration.

    • ‘Art is not alien; we all have pictures, posters and decorations hanging on our walls at home.’
    • ‘The England players' training base in Portugal is decorated with giant posters of themselves.’
    • ‘Buying prints, posters and original artworks over the web is as easy as buying a book or CD.’
    • ‘We hopped in one of many taxis decorated with posters of either Nelson Mandela or Marilyn Monroe.’
    • ‘Balloons, posters and ribbons decorated the vehicles as they wove their way through the area.’
    • ‘Unlike a print or a poster, catalog sheets and computer screens never do it justice.’
    • ‘She had packed in ten minutes, even all her posters and pictures put away.’
    • ‘It can be an original painting or reproduction, a poster, print or photo.’
    • ‘Navy blue furniture and various sports team posters decorated the otherwise bland, creamy walls.’
    • ‘Pupils at the local school have decorated the hall with posters on the theme of ‘hope’.’
    • ‘A picture of a steam train in Edinburgh and an Intercity poster decorate a third wall.’
    • ‘One dog had to be played Verdi on a continuous loop and another had to have his kennel decorated with Aston Villa posters.’
    • ‘Maybe it was the association with Monsieur Dali, whose posters decorated many a bedsitter in my youth.’
    • ‘It was already decorated with posters from punk bands and some really cool art work.’
    • ‘The walls of the shop were painted black and hung with medieval weapons, pictures discs and band posters.’
    • ‘Clara bought some clothes and posters to decorate her room as well as some CDs and books.’
    • ‘Law and politics books lie on the floor and posters decorate the walls.’
    • ‘Setting the picture down, I gazed over at the wall that held no pictures or posters.’
    • ‘His office is spare but comfortable, decorated with posters from previous shows and a few of his many theatre awards.’
    • ‘The walls were painted a plain but light cream and for the moment were bare of pictures or posters.’
    1. 1.1 A large printed picture, notice, or advertisement displayed in a public place.
      as modifier ‘a poster campaign’
      • ‘I think the first place I saw the poster advertisement was right outside the auditorium.’
      • ‘I've seen lots of bill board posters advertising this movie and frankly even they turn my stomach.’
      • ‘A poster campaign has now been extended to include public buildings such as libraries and leisure centres.’
      • ‘Publicity would include advertising posters and timetables at bus stops.’
      • ‘The protestors have begun a poster campaign to publicise their case.’
      • ‘The only thing we need money for is for printing flyers and posters.’
      • ‘As he was walking down it, he noticed an announcement poster to the side of him that caught his eye.’
      • ‘Your dad has been around town putting up posters with your picture on.’
      • ‘The campaign will include posters on the sides of buses as well as information leaflets and stickers on repeat prescription slips.’
      • ‘The poster and press advertising campaign will run until early next year.’
      • ‘The Yorkshire-wide campaign will involve radio advertisements and posters on buses and in clubs and pubs.’
      • ‘Next month, the poster campaign will be extended to include public buildings like libraries and leisure centres.’
      • ‘The campaign will distribute posters warning people of the dangers of leaving their drink unattended.’
      • ‘There are more sheep on the farms than cars on the road and more campaign posters than traffic signs.’
      • ‘Pensioners are hoping Hallowe'en will bring more treats than tricks now they've displayed our campaign posters.’
      • ‘He had breached earlier restraining orders by continuing to contact her and putting up posters on public notice boards.’
      • ‘He even convinced a couple of advertising types to come up with an identical poster campaign to the one that he had already created.’
      • ‘It will feature TV and radio adverts supported by posters at bus shelters.’
      • ‘The posters will be displayed around the borough on notice boards and in council offices and libraries.’
      • ‘Farmers are being encouraged to display posters in public places as part of a campaign to increase farmgate prices.’
      notice, placard, public notice, bill, sign, advertisement, announcement, affiche, playbill, sticker
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  • 2A person who publishes something online, typically on a blog or social media website or application.

    • ‘Do a search and you will find newsgroups posters exclaiming the phrases and leaving puzzled and angry observers.’
    • ‘Amazingly, other posters appear to have forgiven her and claim that it took courage to write what she did.’
    • ‘Experts believe around 150 such lawsuits have been filed regarding anonymous message posters.’
    • ‘I agree with the poster who said the systems administrators responsible for this should be canned.’
    • ‘I have to agree with the poster who basically said that the technology is irrelevant if the movie is no good.’


[no object]usually as noun postering
  • Put up posters in an area.

    ‘illegal postering in downtown Montreal’
    with object ‘she defied police advice and postered her neighbourhood’
    • ‘That changed last Thursday, when Drury was postering for the Poverty Olympics at the corner of Hastings Street and Caroll Street in Vancouver's Downtown East Side.’
    • ‘We met while I was postering for a Thursday night pub nite (do they still allow those?) and we hit it off right away.’