Definition of postdoctorate in English:



  • Relating to or denoting research undertaken after the completion of doctoral research.

    ‘he is currently seeking a postdoctorate position’
    • ‘He is now a post-doctorate research fellow at Edinburgh University but his potential for this subsequent academic achievement was not apparent at primary school.’
    • ‘He has a post-doctorate degree from Harvard.’
    • ‘None of the post-doctorate researchers chose to do their work in the UK.’
    • ‘I'm not only a lawyer, I have a post-doctorate degree in federal tax law.’
    • ‘There are plans to increase the number of its full-time scientific staff from six to fifteen, including four senior post-doctorate scientists and eight graduate scientists.’
    • ‘Full-time post-doctorate research overseas funded by the council fell from 12 in 2001 to 10 last year, according to the council's most recent figures.’
    • ‘He wrote a post-doctorate dissertation on "Belgian Education Policy in the Congo 1945-1960", which contains a number of sources in French in its bibliography.’
    • ‘The grants may also allow Canada to hold on to the talent grown and developed here, with some of the money going to graduate and post-doctorate research fellows.’
    • ‘Even though my Reading Comprehension Level has been clocked at the post-doctorate level, my Reading Retention Level is somewhere in the pre-natal region.’
    • ‘His post-doctorate research has been performed under the supervision of the leading nutritionist in the nation.’


  • 1A period of research undertaken after the completion of doctoral research.

    ‘a two-year postdoctorate on sensory biology’
    • ‘She had a postdoctorate in anthropology.’
    • ‘"To gain a science position, it helps to have a track record from a post doctorate overseas, especially because graduates can gain experience in specialist areas which may not be available in a small economy," she said in an e-mail.’
    • ‘He worked with near-field optics and microscopy at the University of Ulm (Ulm, Germany) during a post-doctorate.’
    • ‘He received his BA in Zoology from Oxford and his PhD from Bristol before doing a post-doctorate with future Nobel laureate Niko Tinbergen at the Wildfowl Trust.’
    • ‘He completed a post-doctorate at Dallas and then joined Kellogg in 1985, switching to business and marketing.’
    • ‘After close to fourteen years, he is doing his post-doctorate in stem cell research.’
    • ‘By 1963, having finished his doctorate in biochemistry and post-doctorate at the Lister Institute, he was invited to join the prestigious Protein Chemistry Department at the Rowett Research Institute.’
    • ‘Our first trip to Paris was because a former roommate got a post-doctorate in Paris.’
    • ‘After a PhD from the University of Michigan, and a post doctorate from MIT, he decided to train in mass spectrometry, which uses sophisticated instrumentation for proteomics.’
    • ‘She went on to do her post-doctorate in philosophy studying at both Princeton University and the University of St Andrew's in Scotland.’
  • 2A person engaged in postdoctorate research.

    ‘the team will be composed of two scientists and two postdoctorates’
    • ‘Undergraduates, post-graduates, post-doctorates, and faculty from universities around the world all participate.’
    • ‘Post-doctorates are excellent contributors to a unit's research program.’
    • ‘To qualify for this extension, the post-doctorate must also present the Coordinator of Apartment Services proper notification from their department head or major advisor stipulating why the student is required to remain after graduation.’
    • ‘Over a period of two years, a post-doctorate worked full time, with part time assistance from the course instructor and lab coordinator, to develop, edit, and complete the 11 modules.’
    • ‘He left the field when he moved to British Columbia, Canada, as a postdoctorate in 1966.’
    • ‘"Too much of the discussion on de-extinction has been focusing too much on the challenge of cloning individuals and not enough on a species' ecological context," says a paleoecology postdoctorate at Brown University.’
    • ‘The partnership provides newly appointed junior faculty, postdoctorates, and predoctoral candidates with an 11-month mentored clinical research training program.’
    • ‘A post-doctorate from the team developed an innovative strategy to genetically screen the whole fly genome for "co-operating" cancer genes.’
    • ‘Members of the research team include a postdoctorate at the University of Chicago, and the associate professor of anthropology at Indiana University.’
    • ‘This book is aimed at readers across the academic spectrum, from advanced undergraduate students to post-doctorates entering the field.’