Definition of postcolonialist in English:


noun & adjective

  • See postcolonialism

    • ‘The policy has had some notable successes in the post-colonialist era.’
    • ‘He argues from a 'postcolonialist' standpoint and sets out to show the connections between the famous, published works and Charlotte Bronte's 'many neglected writings'.’
    • ‘Even if Fletcher's play is a romantic island fling that offers muted criticisms of the western ethos, Doran's production intelligently views it through post-colonialist eyes.’
    • ‘Their politics was informed by postcolonialist and Marxist agendas of nationalism.’
    • ‘She been embraced, particularly by feminist and postcolonialist scholars and film critics, for the 'decolonising' and feminist strategies at work in her films.’
    • ‘She has by turns been considered an essentialist, an exemplar of postmodern hybridity, a victim of patriarchy, a postcolonialist and a pioneer of postminimal art strategies.’