Definition of postcolonial in English:



  • Occurring or existing after the end of colonial rule.

    ‘the postcolonial government’
    ‘postcolonial literature’
    • ‘He then examines the ideas with particular reference to the problems facing fledgling countries in a post-colonial setting.’
    • ‘This too was a postcolonial affair in several ways.’
    • ‘There are a number of ways a postcolonial critic can function.’
    • ‘A common debate among legal scholars focuses on the extent to which the international legal principle of self-determination remains relevant in the post-colonial period.’
    • ‘The central paradox of post-colonial governments remains: a theoretical state without the real strength to be a state.’
    • ‘Some of the excesses of post-colonial writing - pomposity, jargon, self-indulgence - are avoidable.’
    • ‘He was clearly conscious of the guilty frisson of post-colonial excitement among the British in Iraq.’
    • ‘These differences have torn the region apart in the post-colonial era.’
    • ‘In a historiographical context, the emphasis on Aboriginal agency has been critical to establishing a post-colonial conception of Australian history.’
    • ‘Some postcolonial states have legally recognized folk healers.’
    • ‘By 1946, DuBois was actively voicing his views that all of the post-WWII postcolonial movements for independence should receive our active support.’
    • ‘His book Orientalism is one of the key texts on which the school of post-colonial literary criticism is based.’
    • ‘The following considers some models of identity developed in the field of post-colonial theory.’
    • ‘It is a post-colonial society still burdened by its past.’
    • ‘The chapter also contains self-help exercises for those who wish to pursue postcolonial biblical criticism further.’
    • ‘It is impossible for a post-colonial audience to be unaware of how the bible became a weapon of imperial ideology.’
    • ‘However, a countertendency is also at work: the effect of postcolonial studies.’
    • ‘Another factor prompting the governments to expand their mutual cooperation was the rise of Islamist movements challenging the postcolonial regimes.’
    • ‘He almost helped to fan or form the idea of post-colonial literature.’
    • ‘Underdevelopment in post-colonial societies is itself a cause of conflict.’