Definition of post room in English:

post room


  • The department of a company that deals with incoming and outgoing mail.

    • ‘It has required a lot of additional training - from the post room to the chairman - to ensure everyone is competent in the new regulations.’
    • ‘There were about thirty of us - cleaners, security guards, post room employees and temps.’
    • ‘Those staffing the post room were evidently authorized by the company to receive mail on its behalf.’
    • ‘To get round all this I simply enter the building every day through the post room.’
    • ‘Financial players are also having to spend masses of money on specialist training programmes in a bid to educate staff at all levels - from the post room right up to the chairman.’
    • ‘But if you need a courier in a hurry, or someone to cover while you pop to the shops, you may wish you'd been nicer to that mousy girl in the post room.’
    • ‘Bob, 37, works in the post room of a mail-order company by day and spends his free time videotaping his favorite bands.’
    • ‘I think one of the guys in the post room may have a crush on me.’
    • ‘My manager said that he had a similar problem when an urgent document was biked over and the post room couldn't work out what ‘urgent’ and ‘biked’ meant.’
    • ‘Paul has now enlisted the help of a highly paid super spy in the foreign office who will, against all odds, take on the post room midgets in an effort to find the elusive passport.’
    • ‘A gifted French locksmith managed to break into the post room before the Germans discovered the radios had been mailed to the castle.’
    • ‘They may only have one fax machine per building, situated in the post room or admin block.’
    • ‘She's been there the week on reception and in the post room.’
    • ‘I believe there are people in the design studio and the post room with army experience.’
    • ‘She checked that the gift was not hidden in the post room somewhere, but it was nowhere to be seen.’
    • ‘The people in charge of the post room called the police, who proceeded to gingerly open the package.’


post room