[with object]
  • 1Display (a notice) in a public place.

    ‘a curt notice had been posted on the door’
    • ‘At the moment a seven day notice is posted by the council but instead they could be held in secure storage for the statutory seven day period.’
    • ‘Park staff will be posting closure notices where footpaths and bridleways meet with the public highway.’
    • ‘Part of me knows I should post a notice to tell my unknown neighbour that an unsecured network is not healthy computing.’
    • ‘I post the notice outside my office door, close and lock the door from the inside, and prepare to sleep on the couch.’
    • ‘A notice will be posted on the Public Construction Commission's Web site today, he said.’
    • ‘The Thursday Programming Schedule is now posted but you don't need to read it since you'll only be going to my panels.’
    • ‘Notices have been posted at the sites urging the public to stay away and wardens will be patrolling to enforce the request.’
    • ‘Notices about its intentions were posted around the village.’
    • ‘Six policemen were wedged against the gates by the crush of people when the notice was posted on the prison gates.’
    • ‘Couples will also be able to post notice of their impending marriage anywhere in the country, rather than in the area where they live.’
    • ‘At the time of its closure, a notice was posted on the main gate saying the premises had been shut for redecoration.’
    • ‘If you read it before this notice was posted, you might take another look at the second half.’
    • ‘Yesterday the curtains of the house were drawn and two notices were posted in the windows.’
    • ‘A council spokesman said notices were posted in the area and residents who were within a certain radius of the proposed mast were consulted.’
    • ‘But you should maybe have posted a notice in the journal a month ago when it was actually released in the shops.’
    • ‘A notice was posted on the box office doors to announce the postponement ‘due to inclement weather’.’
    • ‘We posted a notice on the website and the new information went out with the second and third batch of letters.’
    affix, attach, fasten, hang, display, pin, pin up, put up, stick, stick up, tack, tack up, nail, nail up
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    1. 1.1 Put notices on or in.
      ‘we have posted all the bars’
  • 2Announce or publish (something, especially a financial result)

    ‘the company posted a £460,000 loss’
    • ‘They probably would have posted some unrealized stock losses in the second quarter.’
    • ‘The provider has posted improved financial results for the first half of the year thanks to the uptake of broadband services throughout Europe.’
    • ‘In recent weeks, the mortgage lender has given back some of its gains, after it posted an exceptional half-year set of results.’
    • ‘He said the company had performed well in the last financial year and will post strong results.’
    • ‘The JSE-listed financial services group this week posted its interim results for the six months just ended.’
    • ‘As demand continues to accelerate in coming months, earnings will post even stronger results.’
    • ‘However, earnings forecasts may be lifted a little as the interim results it posted today where above expectations.’
    • ‘Shares in the company have jumped 3% after it posted annual results ahead of expectations.’
    • ‘In the classroom, the finance major posted a 3.77 grade point average and was honored as the recipient of the SEC's Postgraduate Award.’
    • ‘The company is in a good financial state and has posted positive financial results.’
    • ‘The online bank posted its results for 2002 on Monday and revealed that it is planning to spend £5m on researching the US market in the first half of this year.’
    • ‘The company posted respectable results for the year ended 31 March, 2005 but is still struggling to get its Japanese division back on track.’
    • ‘A similar deficit is likely to be posted for this financial year.’
    • ‘The logistics firm posts interim results and offered a mixed picture of what they are likely to be at its last trading statement.’
    • ‘Profits have grown appreciably over the last four years, and today they posted a 5% rise in interim profits to £1.9m.’
    • ‘Its sister company also posted its results for the year ended March 31.’
    • ‘Only one in five of the major global pharmaceutical companies posting results last week was able to announce an increase in profits.’
    • ‘Breweries posted better than expected results’
    announce, report, make known, advertise, publish, publicize, circulate, broadcast
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    1. 2.1with object and complement Publish the name of (a member of the armed forces) as missing or dead.
      ‘a whole troop had been posted missing’
      • ‘More fliers, bearing a photo of the deceased, are posted announcing the occasion.’
      • ‘If the expedition never returned from the desert, perhaps I would not even be posted dead, but only missing.’
      • ‘After the attack, the company had posted him missing, presumed dead.’
      • ‘He's posted as missing and as yet they have heard no word about him.’
      • ‘He is then posted as missing in action and she indulges a schoolgirl sense of romance by volunteering for a mission in France hoping to secure news of his fate.’
      • ‘Two other men were recovered drowned, and all five others were posted as missing in action.’
    2. 2.2 Publish (a piece of writing, image, or other item of content) online, typically on a blog or social media website or application.
      ‘she posted a photo of herself with the singer on Twitter’
      ‘I'll post an article next week revealing the results of the poll’
      ‘the list was promptly posted all over the Internet’
      ‘the company posted the news on its blog yesterday’
      • ‘In time, I may decide to send an e-mail their way or post a few messages on their discussion boards.’
      • ‘A detailed list of the missing maps has been posted on the library's website to help recover the lost materials.’
      • ‘They have posted messages on a private newsgroup making suggestions about the extent of the services she offers.’
      • ‘Fans have posted messages of sympathy on the site's bulleting board.’
      • ‘Hundreds of people called and sent faxes to the newspaper to express outrage or tell their own stories of police abuse, and tens of thousands posted messages on the Internet.’
      • ‘New information is posted on the Internet twice a month during the growing season and less frequently during winter.’
      • ‘To motivate himself he even took a picture every day and posted it on his web site.’
      • ‘Sometimes the netizens would post messages on the Internet, telling him which song they most wanted to hear.’
      • ‘He posted messages on Web sites and newsgroups in the hope that someone might be around to help him.’
      • ‘Smart pens have become the latest way to post messages to online diaries, or weblogs, while on the move.’
      • ‘The company also refuses to allow the union to post messages on a bulletin board.’
      • ‘An updated list of the questions and answers also will be posted online for all members to view.’
      • ‘The problem seems to be posting the results to a public website.’
      • ‘First they have their own food blogs to maintain, posting messages online about what they cooked, where they ate, and how they liked it.’
      • ‘A bug in recent weeks has meant that updates aren't being speedily posted to the site.’
      • ‘Sarah posted the pic to her Facebook page.’
      • ‘Naturally you can't work and have no choice but to spend the rest of your life posting messages on the Internet complaining about how everything has gone to hell.’
      • ‘The online announcements need to be posted where they'll be seen.’
      • ‘You can post messages to the site, but we won't allow anyone to post their email address, or mobile phone number, which people try and do a lot.’
      • ‘If you by chance post my message on your web site, please blank out my email.’
      • ‘The first part of this article was posted on Monday, April 15.’
      • ‘The primary evidence was posted on the Internet.’
      • ‘The virus is under analysis, more information will be posted later.’
      • ‘Video takes a lot longer to produce than photos, but I think I am going to try and start posting video clips on a more frequent basis.’
      • ‘If we remember to take a camera, maybe I'll post some pictures.’
      • ‘They then posted numerous messages to bulletin boards that exaggerated the value of the company.’
      • ‘As events unfolded, newsgroups and bulletin boards began posting messages of shock and sympathy - by evening, it was a torrent.’
      • ‘New articles are posted on the web site every day.’
      • ‘Many sites on the Internet also let you to post messages in forum and even facilitate to chat with friends while you play.’
      • ‘First, students have little intrinsic motivation to post messages in course newsgroups.’
      • ‘So if you, unlike me, know what is going on drop me an email or post a message in the forums and give me some pointers.’
      • ‘My friend was sacked as a result of the messages he posted on a newsgroup.’
      • ‘Our ambitious, resourceful nursing student should also consider posting messages with news groups devoted to the nursing profession.’
      • ‘If confidential information is posted, you need to minimize the damage and quickly resolve the issue.’
      • ‘We'll post a link to the PDF as soon as it is available.’
      • ‘I'll post a link to the full parliamentary report when I track it down.’
      • ‘People can post details of upcoming events using the on-line form, and subscribe to e-mail lists for updates.’
      • ‘A clip of his speech was posted to the website of KSN-TV.’
  • 3(of a player or team) achieve or record (a particular score or result)

    ‘Smith and Lamb posted a century partnership’
    • ‘It is a long time since two Irish athletes posted a 1st and 2nd in the same event in a major track and field championship.’
    • ‘The team has posted good results there in the past and each driver is looking forward to another great weekend at a familiar track.’
    • ‘And even with the lousy record the team has posted in his short tenure, his players believe in him.’
    • ‘He was dismissed just one run short of his ninth Test fifty with the score on 215 but he had ensured the team had posted a safe score, though conceding a lead of 58 runs.’
    • ‘If the Australians succumbed it was because of the relentless pressure that came from the tall scores the Indian batsmen posted.’
    • ‘It has been a challenge trying to turn around their basketball program where the team posted a 2-24 win/loss record before she arrived.’
    • ‘As one of the lead off gymnasts, Vera posted excellent scores for her team.’
    • ‘It's hard to find much wrong with the team that posted the third-best record in major league history through 79 games.’
    • ‘It seemed the competition was headed for deadlock as three teams posted highly respectable scores of 71 points.’
    • ‘The local team posted a 36-19 win in the tilt to run its season record to a perfect 4-0.’
    • ‘No opposing player had ever posted that many receiving yards on the Irish in a single game.’
    • ‘Plus, this team posted the country's best-ever showing at the World University Games, making them the darlings of the maritime sports scene.’
    • ‘Both anglers posted a score of 7lb 1oz that relied largely on maggot caught roach.’
    • ‘Other teams posted better regular season records, but L.A. still wins the psychological game.’
    • ‘This year the team posted a 10-3 - 2 record before losing in the semifinals in September.’
    • ‘The school was awarded a PC after their team posted the highest score over the three days.’
    • ‘That's a good ratio, generally meaning that if a team posts six wins, it's likely headed to a bowl.’


  • 1British with object Send (a letter or parcel) via the postal system.

    ‘I've just been to post a letter’
    ‘post off your order form today’
    • ‘Printing and posting 500 direct mail letters takes time and money.’
    • ‘On Wednesday, May 5, my daughter went to the Post Office and posted a parcel, first class, for my sister's birthday which was on May 7.’
    • ‘The advent of e-mails has vastly decreased the number of letters being posted through a post box, and internet banking has also probably had an impact on the PO service.’
    • ‘I walked the 200 metres from my house to the village post box to post a letter.’
    • ‘I walked out of the house to post a letter - the postbox is less than 100 yards away - and left the door open.’
    • ‘Before computers, I used to post one letter a week, which would take me maybe half an hour to write, and it would arrive in a couple of days.’
    • ‘By the General's orders, officers are going to read every letter that is posted, so I must be very careful what I write to you.’
    • ‘He signed the letter which was posted at the Valley Road sorting office at midnight.’
    • ‘So I had to walk to the post office and post my letter.’
    • ‘However, he said that, despite the return address in Pakistan, the letter had been posted in Germany.’
    • ‘Letters must be posted before 4.15 pm for collection on the day and registered on swift post must be in the office for 3.45 pm.’
    • ‘Even fax machines - or in artists' studios, anyway - were still a rarity at the beginning of the decade, and a letter would be posted back, expressing interest.’
    • ‘Confusingly, second class mail sent to Bath arrived on Saturday, two days before a first class letter which was posted the same day.’
    • ‘These letters had all been posted in Kilkelly and as he poured through them he was overcome with the emotion which re-united him in an extraordinary way with the land of his forebears.’
    • ‘For example, the cost of sending an email is generally cheaper than posting a letter in the mail, especially for people wishing to communicate internationally.’
    • ‘They are particularly keen to speak to a person seen on the film posting a letter in a pillar box.’
    • ‘And put out the letter that must be posted where it'll be seen.’
    • ‘My letter was posted in the main post office in Sligo, the capital town of the North West and recently designated gateway growth centre.’
    • ‘If the letter had been posted it would presumably have arrived either on Saturday the 28th or Monday the 30th.’
    • ‘In the early years there were no postal boxes and people wanting to post a letter had to go to their nearest postage stamp shop.’
  • 2with object (in bookkeeping) enter (an item) in a ledger.

    ‘post the transaction in the second column’
    ‘initial records kept in day books are periodically posted to accounts’
    • ‘Those transactions that were settled immediately with cash were not posted to the account book, since no indebtedness existed.’
    • ‘When the payment was posted to the accounts it was in debit, as there was no corresponding asset.’
    record, write in, enter, fill in, register, note, list
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    1. 2.1 Complete (a ledger) by entering items.
  • 3historical no object, with adverbial Travel with relays of horses.

    ‘we posted in an open carriage’
    1. 3.1archaic with adverbial of direction Travel with haste; hurry.
      ‘he comes posting up the street’


  • 1with object and adverbial Send (someone) to a place to take up an appointment.

    ‘he was posted to Washington as military attaché’
    • ‘Finally, in 1961, the couple moved to Antigonish, where Russell was posted by the United Church.’
    • ‘Alexander is currently posted in Moscow, his second appointment to Russia.’
    • ‘Now, after working her fingers to the bone on the EU's behalf, those ungrateful swine in Brussels have decided to punish her yet further by posting her to Paris for the next two years.’
    • ‘Gorcpore in West India was where he was finally posted.’
    • ‘Went back to China in 1999 to see how China's changed since she was posted there and do this book.’
    • ‘My father was a government servant and we were posted in villages and small towns.’
    • ‘He was also posted in Burma during his tenure there.’
    • ‘Busy winding up his stay and work in Delhi where he was posted for the past three years, Adam isn't leaving the country without experiencing the few mandatory chills and thrills of the profession.’
    • ‘After orientation courses in Dublin and Hong Kong I was posted, along with a number of other Irish TEFL teachers, to the university that had decided to offer me the job.’
    • ‘Actually his affair with East Asia started in 1977 when he was posted at the Czechoslovakian embassy in Hanoi as cultural and press attaché for two years.’
    • ‘Embassy staff members, including 70 posted from Canada, were not scared by the incident, the spokesman said.’
    • ‘From February 1996 to January 1997 he was posted abroad.’
    • ‘She was happy when she was posted in Tamil Nadu.’
    • ‘He was posted in Spain at that time and he helped many Spaniards from escaping.’
    1. 1.1 Station (someone, especially a soldier or police officer) in a particular place.
      ‘a guard was posted at the entrance’
      • ‘Extra police officers are being posted at polling booths and on patrol duties, and France has tightened controls along its border with Spain.’
      • ‘Soldiers will be posted between the battalions, which implies some sort of merger between regiments.’
      • ‘He was posted to Malmesbury police station in 2002.’
      • ‘Soldiers were posted as guards all around the camp.’
      • ‘I was posted in the Middle East to join the 5th Indian Division at El Alamein.’
      • ‘In view of the explosive situation, a posse of policemen has been posted in the village.’
      • ‘Sentries were posted at each entrance and under orders to not permit any to pass.’
      • ‘My husband has been serving in the Forces for fifteen years, and he was posted here in Great Village last July.’
      • ‘Whilst posted ashore I have not been able to park my car in the car park during working hours, however was able to utilise this facility after hours and on weekends.’
      • ‘They include consistency wherever a member is posted and a single point of contact for standardised, simplified, quicker, service.’
      • ‘A single police constable posted at the multiplex watched helplessly as the mob struck.’
      • ‘Applicants must be Army members posted to a Victorian unit, or a unit in Wagga Wagga or Canberra.’
      • ‘Then we were posted straight to Germany and I was there a few months before I was demobbed in 1947.’
      • ‘In 1987 he was posted to the Metropolitan Police Fraud Squad.’
      • ‘New members will be posted as soon as they are named.’
      • ‘The sentries posted at the police stations have been asked to be more polite and friendly so that complainants do not hesitate from coming to the police stations.’
      • ‘He was posted directly to RAF Lyneham to join the Hercules fleet.’
      • ‘This will mean a reduction in allowances in the future, but the 23 members currently posted there will not be affected.’
      • ‘And when he was posted elsewhere and I didn't hear from him again, although it was not unexpected, it sealed my fate.’
      • ‘The base commander and all of the normal troopers that were posted at Ambine are dead too.’