Definition of post-tax in English:



  • (of income or profits) remaining after the deduction of taxes.

    ‘60 per cent of post-tax earnings’
    • ‘Free income is defined as post-tax income less committed household expenditure on things like food and utilities - i.e., essential spending.’
    • ‘If the £48,000 from his redundancy reduces that sum, it still means that over a three-year period he was able to accumulate from post-tax income somewhere in the region of £90,000 odd.’
    • ‘In other words, one can really add 47 per cent in a sense, from post-tax income.’
    • ‘He said the report found that Irish motor insurers made 11 times more post-tax profit than their British equivalents in the past 16 years.’
    • ‘However, if the corporation pays taxes on its income and then distributes the post-tax profits to its shareholders in the form of dividends, then the shareholders pay taxes as well.’
    • ‘More than £7bn was released in the fourth quarter of last year, equivalent to a massive 4% of post-tax income.’
    • ‘Some analysts seem to think an operating margin of 30% is achievable, implying a business generating some £800m in post-tax profits.’
    • ‘He said the profit per customer ratio was based on post-tax profits.’
    • ‘In the last financial year it made a few hundred crores in post-tax profit which it has the freedom to invest.’
    • ‘If it is able to generate operating margins of just 3%, a figure below that of its competitors, the group would generate £100m in post-tax profits.’
    • ‘The target return-on-equity figure will be calculated by dividing post-tax profit in a given year by average shareholders' funds in the year.’
    • ‘The post-tax profit for the period has surged by more than 160 per cent to 120 million leva.’
    • ‘Strip this out from its current market value of £185m, and investors are being asked to pay about 12-13 times expected post-tax profits.’
    • ‘This comes to over 8 ½% of our post-tax income, which is some spending spree!’
    • ‘Nevertheless, as a nation, we now owe 150% of our annual post-tax income, compared to about 140% for US consumers.’
    • ‘According to the Bank of England, borrowed money secured on housing - but not spent on housing - ran at 7.7% of national post-tax income during the late Eighties boom.’
    • ‘He helps you decide what sorts of investments, in what kinds of accounts, will maximize your post-tax income.’
    • ‘They show the average post-tax income is £12,700 a year.’
    • ‘President Reagan's Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 had the intention and the effect of increasing post-tax income inequality.’
    • ‘What makes it worse is that it is a tax on an asset which has already been bought with post-tax income.’