Definition of post-structural in English:



  • See post-structuralism

    • ‘This form of analysis explores the multiple meanings and interpretations of post-structural philosophy to celebrate the multiple affects of the cinematic experience.’
    • ‘This particular totemic view of the child then provides the modern age - call it what you will, post-modern, information, post-structural - with the new ‘great fear’.’
    • ‘In a post-structuralist world, in which reality is ambiguous and uncertain, the internet as codex, provides the model for our post-structural epistemology.’
    • ‘The problem here is that ‘identity’ is one of the most contested concepts in post-structural social theory.’
    • ‘This post-modern, post-structural view of stories, I proposed, could be used to analyse almost any kind of narrative: from mythological epics, to news, to archaeology, to macroeconomics.’
    • ‘The advent of post-structural epistemologies and research traditions has provided a new field for research endeavors.’