Definition of post-production in English:



  • mass noun, often as modifier Work done on a film or recording after filming or recording has taken place.

    ‘post-production editing’
    • ‘There's no reason that it should take two years to do post-production on a film that small.’
    • ‘Since the days of silent film it has always been the case that film-makers spend far more time in editing and post-production than on-set filming.’
    • ‘The wonders of post-production editing and a well-known film finds a new life.’
    • ‘The three films are in various post-production stages and talks are on with buyers and release dates are in the process of being fixed.’
    • ‘The movie is shot in gleaming digital video, rife with modern post-production values.’
    • ‘In Hollywood, we shoot from different angles, or do coverage shots, so that we can change editing in post-production.’
    • ‘When we ran out of money during post-production of the film, I had to sell this same apartment, and found that the only potential buyers were other Westerners.’
    • ‘Digital content creators and post-production houses stand to gain enormously from the technology improvements.’
    • ‘Thanks to funding shortfalls, the film sat in post-production for almost four years before reaching completion.’
    • ‘All aging videography aside and cheesy post-production aspects ignored, the images here look great.’
    • ‘At our post-production house for advertising agencies, we have an intern program for students studying recording.’
    • ‘It was during post-production that someone suggested the film be in color and luckily it worked.’
    • ‘Most production and post-production companies, film makers and advertising agencies are here.’
    • ‘Cursed suffered the worst production and post-production problems than any other film in recent history.’
    • ‘There is a wide range of jobs in the television production and post-production chain across a range of firm types.’
    • ‘Forget for a moment the monumental nature of making this happen on the production and post-production side.’
    • ‘It feels too long, and yet I get the impression that the film was severely butchered in post-production.’
    • ‘It was long and hard, I was going back and forth for months while doing post-production on this film.’
    • ‘It is aimed at live, recording and post-production stages.’
    • ‘Even dialogue can be recorded later in post-production and matched up to the actors' lips in a process called Looping.’