Definition of post-op in English:



  • Post-operative.

    • ‘Ancillary rehabilitative services are available from the first post-op day, and the same team continues to follow the patient after discharge.’
    • ‘He did well post-op and was talking with in 2 days.’
    • ‘My hypnotherapist worked with me pre-op and post-op.’
    • ‘Be sure to ask about downtime and recovery following the surgery, and about post-op pain management.’
    • ‘The treatment will require him to spend two weeks in Hungary after the surgery, followed later on by a four to six-week course of post-op therapy.’
    • ‘One week post-op, the patient is recovering well.’
    • ‘The post-op nurses will say I was kicking so hard I rammed my legs through the hospital-bed rails.’
    • ‘I have to go see the surgeon tomorrow, for the post-op visit.’
    • ‘Since the clinic began, she has seen over 200 patients suffering from conditions like angina and pre- or post-op cardiac patients.’
    • ‘Late one night while on call for surgery, I was sitting in the charting area writing a post-op note.’
    • ‘So one post-op wound infection is the same as another in the eyes of the paper.’
    • ‘Functional mobility was measured by Timed-up-and-go and the number of days post-op that the subject was able to walk 500 feet independently.’
    • ‘What can be done post-op for better success rate?’
    • ‘Orthopedists tell me that every operation has a mandatory post-op period when you need to take it easy to avoid complications, such as an infection.’
    • ‘I had surgery in June to have it repaired and came here for post-op therapy.’
    • ‘The Plan now lists my diet for pre-op and post-op.’
    • ‘Kevin escorted patients to and from surgery and post-op.’
    • ‘The use of plasmapheresis may also permit steroid tapering before surgery, allowing for better post-op healing.’
    • ‘With the use of a post-op shoe and decreased weight bearing, healing and pain relief were complete in six weeks.’
    • ‘Pre- and post-op audiograms were available for 157 cases at 1 month or later following myringoplasty.’