Definition of post-industrialism in English:



  • See post-industrial

    • ‘With the spreading effects of globalization no nation will be spared, and the first signs of post-industrialism can already be observed even in small developing countries such as our own.’
    • ‘On the whole, the national economy will reach the level of post-industrialism and advanced information technology.’
    • ‘This is thought to be ‘more compatible with the new social order, whether it is called advanced capitalism, late or high modernity, post-industrialism, or post-modernism’.’
    • ‘Yet it's only the repetitious vibe of men straining under post-industrialism: pile-driven into transgression and misery, but always retaining a gallows humour.’
    • ‘Scholars who write about ‘professionalism,’ or ‘post-industrialism,’ often use these notions more as metaphors than as hypotheses that can be assessed, accepted or rejected.’