Definition of post-hypnotic in English:



  • Relating to or denoting the giving of ideas or instructions to a subject under hypnosis that are intended to affect behaviour after the hypnotic trance ends.

    ‘post-hypnotic suggestion’
    • ‘This study investigated the impact of suggestion focus on post-hypnotic amnesia for memories of a first romantic relationship.’
    • ‘If a young boy is given a post-hypnotic suggestion which asks him to wake up at 6: 00 am next morning, even without an alarm clock, he will open his eyes at that exact time.’
    • ‘During his session Simon was given a post-hypnotic suggestion triggered by tapping the top of his mallet.’
    • ‘The hypnotic approach to ending procrastination is similar to that for conquering Writer's Block: a combination of rooting out the cause and positive post-hypnotic suggestions.’
    • ‘It's possible that the large number of personal recommendations he gets is due to post-hypnotic suggestion.’
    • ‘He also, however, surreptitiously programs them to respond to a command word, which will be later used in post-hypnotic suggestion to turn C.W. into unwitting jewel thieves.’
    • ‘The powerful therapeutic uses of language, post-hypnotic suggestions, and metaphors were presented along with the components of hypnosis and hypnotic phenomenon.’
    • ‘There's no telling what fiendish acts I may now commit based upon post-hypnotic suggestion that he may or may not have planted in my tender brain.’
    • ‘In that film, an assassin is programmed so that he will respond to a post-hypnotic trigger, commit a murder, and not remember it later.’
    • ‘But, slipping into a post-hypnotic daze, it starts to come back a little.’
    • ‘Julia is bringing Daphne out of her trance with some post-hypnotic suggestion to resist Anderson's control over her.’
    • ‘It's possible that it functions as a post-hypnotic suggestion, given to Donnie.’
    • ‘For example, a hypnotized subject can be given post-hypnotic suggestion to forget the number seven.’
    • ‘I gave myself the post-hypnotic suggestion that at any time I needed or wanted to, I could access the image of the blue flame with my eyes open, in an alert and active state.’