Definition of post-Fordism in English:



mass noun
  • The theory that modern industrial production should change from the large-scale mass-production methods pioneered by Henry Ford towards the use of small flexible manufacturing units.

    • ‘Unlike many writers on capitalism and globalization, I do not focus my analysis on Fordism, post-Fordism, and or regulation.’
    • ‘As can be seen, French researchers remain skeptical about the unified nature of post-Fordism, flexible accumulation, and its spatial manifestation, the district.’
    • ‘But in post-Fordism, when the assembly line becomes a ‘flux of information’, people work by communicating.’
    • ‘A large number of proposals have been made: post-Fordism or neo-Fordism are the most frequently cited labels for the regime of accumulation.’
    • ‘These debates concern Marxist state theory; Fordism and post-Fordism; the regulation approach; the relevance of autopoiesis to Marxist analysis; and, most recently, critical realism.’