Definition of post-feminist in English:



  • Coming after the feminism of the 1960s and subsequent decades, in particular moving beyond or rejecting some of the ideas of feminism as out of date.

    ‘post-feminist sexual mores’
    • ‘In this post-feminist era, the danger is that in reclaiming the dignity of domestic work, women risk putting themselves right back where they started.’
    • ‘Was all that consciousness-raising we did in the 1970s to be lost in a new mood of post-feminist consciousness plummeting below our waists?’
    • ‘In our so-called post-feminist world, housework is not simply without status, but fast becoming a guilty secret.’
    • ‘To many minds, we live in a post-feminist era when denouncing sexist strictures is anachronistic.’
    • ‘But what place does such a seemingly out-dated picture of femininity have in today's post-feminist world of working women and sensitized men?’
    • ‘Mothers of America, it's time to talk back and refute insulting post-feminist propaganda.’
    • ‘I would never have been able to explain it in theoretical terms, but I think, looking back, I was writing about post-feminist women at a time when we were very confused.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, this utterly disposable post-feminist tract is so misguided that it ends up making most reality TV look thoughtful.’
    • ‘This is too frequently a riddle which drives us into paroxysms of post-feminist uncertainty.’
    • ‘It is too easy to skip over feminism in these self-proclaimed post-feminist times.’
    • ‘What on the surface is a short film that embraces a post-feminist viewpoint in its celebration of female sexuality is actually more concerned with its irreverent underbelly.’
    • ‘Apparently, post-feminist women are at their happiest when they are cleaning their houses.’
    • ‘The nude, once a staple of the painter's repertoire, has taken a hit in the post-feminist era.’
    • ‘Particularly, Hollywood's target audience of 18 to 25-year-olds tend to look for post-feminist attitudes to gender issues.’
    • ‘Lisa clearly comes from this generation of sexually-empowered post-feminist females; Matt is just old enough to find it novel.’
    • ‘I wrote a post-feminist dissertation and book, without giving it much thought, a boundary encountered in practice, perceived only after-the-fact.’
    • ‘The model is basically the same: hip-hop and disco-informed dance tunes undercut with punk rock adrenaline levels and post-feminist diatribes.’
    • ‘Despite the belief that we now live in a post-feminist world, there continue to be startling gaps between how far women are thought to have come and the realities of where we are.’
    • ‘Unofficially, this is because I can't cook, officially, it's because I am making a statement of post-feminist empowerment.’


  • A person holding post-feminist views.

    • ‘Putting his characters on the rostrum he sends up everything from the contextual pieties of the new historicists to the gender fixations of the post-feminists.’
    • ‘It remains unclear, however, if there exist multitudes of women who self-identify as post-feminist, or if this is in fact a media creation.’
    • ‘But far from being some post-feminist power-woman, Michelle's odd behaviour comes from a desperate need to believe Her Man is smiling on her.’
    • ‘After the excesses of the Left and Right, we were ‘post’ everything: post-political, post-feminist, post-Modernist, post-consumer.’
    • ‘The cheeky chappie approach is too unsubtle for post-feminist single mums.’
    • ‘This is a popular theme among those post-feminists who go on about girl power, and say they don't want laws that give them victim status.’
    • ‘I suspect this remake, now satirising post-feminist America and suburban life itself, may raise more laughs here than on its home turf.’
    • ‘And all this as a representative of post-feminist girliness, with a love of the good things in life and in pop.’
    • ‘Now the post-feminists are rising in influence, as eloquent as we once were.’
    • ‘Many men, in these post-feminist times, would like to follow women down the road of reclaiming their bodies, except that there is no-one to reclaim them from.’
    • ‘The post-feminist craves validation and does not seek or admire perfection.’
    • ‘Nor, as has been suggested to me, do I want to be a post-feminist.’
    • ‘Your readers may be independent, modern, logical, gorgeous, intelligent, strong-minded, post-feminist, business women, but they all still read horoscopes don't they?’
    • ‘It's written by men, does that make it post-feminist?’
    • ‘This is always really exciting to hear, especially in a moment that people are constantly, and very wrongly, calling post-feminist.’
    • ‘A slight modification to the final scene adds the only major concession to modern values to the play with nod to post-feminist ideals, but works pleasingly well.’
    • ‘The film, to be released in Britain in February, will be followed by a tidal wave of post-feminist fury.’
    • ‘Why are women quite so beastly to each other in these post-feminist times?’
    • ‘I used to have a postcard above my desk saying ‘I'll be post-feminist in post-patriarchy’ and people used to ask me what it meant.’
    • ‘But few of the women regret their efforts today, even though 1970s radical feminism couldn't be less fashionable in our post-feminist, ladette-dominated age.’