Definition of post-and-beam in English:



  • (of a building or a method of construction) having or using a framework of upright and horizontal beams.

    • ‘He always loved to work with his hands, creating custom furniture pieces and building his own post-and-beam home.’
    • ‘For building in seismic (earthquake-prone) areas, the post-and-beam style is the only method of cordwood building I would advise.’
    • ‘Today, however, timber framing (also called post-and-beam construction) is enjoying a renaissance, and many timber-frame houses, barns and other structures are available now as kits.’
    • ‘As in most of his projects, the architect's own Malibu beach home features post-and-beam concrete construction with radiant-heated concrete floors.’
    • ‘The post-and-beam style of construction was an important method for traditional residences in Taiwan.’
    • ‘This inviting space (visible at right in above photo) is defined by a post-and-beam arbor, stucco walls, and an outdoor fireplace.’
    • ‘The two-story theater is of post-and-beam construction, designed to resemble the candle-lit interior of Shakespeare's own venue.’