Definition of possession order in English:

possession order


  • An order made by a court directing that possession of a property be given to the owner or other claimant.

    • ‘The court can then include in the possession order those parcels to which on the evidence and the law the Claimants are found to be entitled.’
    • ‘At a second court hearing the council was granted a possession order and Brown was evicted shortly afterwards.’
    • ‘The Council's legal section has now been instructed to apply to the Court for a possession order which could lead to your being evicted from your home.’
    • ‘It follows that the possession order of 29 January 1992 was properly enforced.’
    • ‘The judge refused to deal with such an application when he was hearing an application to set aside the possession order.’
    • ‘The eviction, authorised recently by a judge at York County Court, follows a possession order granted last year.’
    • ‘It follows, by the same token, that the possession order was made ‘for the protection of the rights’ of the council in its flat.’
    • ‘The matter is closely connected with the possession order and the judgment sum comprised in it.’
    • ‘The house was bought to provide a home for both of them but after his marriage the son wanted his mother to move out, and finally sought a possession order against her.’
    • ‘The facts of this case were that the defendant contended that a possession order issued by a housing association was in breach of Article 8 and Article 6 of the ECHR.’
    • ‘That the possession order be suspended in the meantime and the injunction suspended.’
    • ‘The only sanction a landlord has is to apply to the County Court for a possession order, which, if granted, might eventually lead to an eviction.’
    • ‘No difficulties have been noted in this time period that would warrant an exclusive possession order.’
    • ‘Another line of authority concerns the situation where legislation positively required the court to make a possession order.’
    • ‘That was put in just in case there was a possession order about to be executed and there was nowhere to go, nothing had been done.’
    • ‘The possession order is in place, the sale order is in place.’
    • ‘The possession order stands - it has not been appealed and it is, therefore, liable to be enforced.’
    • ‘Without effective control the licensee does not have a sufficient interest for the purpose of obtaining a possession order against trespassers.’
    • ‘Of these, 334 received a suspended possession order, which meant they could keep their tenancy with certain conditions.’
    • ‘Once the notice has expired, if you still require possession of the premises you must apply to the court for a possession order.’