Definition of positiveness in English:



  • See positive

    • ‘Yes, I think post 2010, it's only post 2010 that we will be able to see the impact of positiveness in our country.’
    • ‘But I believed in the positiveness of this, and I think it's done very well.’
    • ‘They bring back experiences that they might otherwise have never been exposed to, and they bring back positiveness.’
    • ‘She says: ‘I believe that the positiveness expected by the citizens of Kenya is not only going to come from the government side, but from themselves, Kenyans, who want to see great changes.’’
    • ‘Davis posted seven the nine and five from frees, showing more than a noticeable lack of positiveness by his colleagues who were happy to find his reliable clutches rather than shoulder responsibility.’
    • ‘Where was the country of my childhood and youth that I loved for its great contrasts, it inclusiveness, it positiveness and tolerance?’
    • ‘Some may find this ending rather simplistic, but the note of positiveness that Leigh tries to strike is what appealed to me.’