Definition of positioner in English:



  • A device for moving an object into position and automatically keeping it there.

    • ‘In addition, measuring gauges have become more sophisticated over the years moving from simple measuring systems to automatic linear positioners to air-stops and digital read-outs - all making set-ups quicker and easier.’
    • ‘Proper installation of reinforcing steel in masonry walls often requires the use of specific positioners, connectors, and tools.’
    • ‘The company said it would also market one of its current electrode systems without a positioner.’
    • ‘Data acquisition, preliminary processing, control of the 3 - D electrode positioner, and stepper-motor controlled fine focusing of the microscope stage were performed with ASET software.’
    • ‘This positioner holds the spoke at a slight angle, so that the shoulder of the tenon will have the correct angle to provide the dish of the wheel.’
    • ‘This positioner addresses a wide spectrum of analytical, test, instrumentation, and production equipment applications automating the positioning of probes, test heads, lasers, optics, and numerous other system components.’
    • ‘The voice-controlled endoscope positioner is now coupled with the robotic arm system as well as the control centre for adapting the operating environment.’
    • ‘With the reversible cutting arm positioner, the mason can put the saw as close to the wall or ground as possible.’
    • ‘Features include a 57-ft boom reach, four boom cables to provide structural rigidity with minimum maintenance, 1-in thick swing-up butt plate and trough, topping knives, and a transport positioner that lowers the boom in minutes.’
    • ‘A flexible test device positioner gives a range of phone angles from the starting touch position to 15 degrees or any position within a range of 30 degrees.’
    • ‘Designed for both space and cost efficiency, these positioners measure just 3.75 x 4.0 x 4.75 inches.’
    • ‘This wrist positioner is remarkable because of its simplicity.’
    • ‘For measurements of the z-profile of the capillary we used a piezo-driven objective positioner, which controls the distance between objective and the pressure cell.’
    • ‘However, the center added, the study did show that ‘cochlear implants with electrode positioners were associated with a greater risk of developing meningitis ‘than those without.’’
    • ‘The positioners are available with either linear ball or crossed roller slides that can carry loads of 8 lb in the ball slide configuration, and 15 lb in the roller slide configuration.’
    • ‘The detector bundles were mounted in fiber optic positioners attached to translation stages for accurate placement.’
    • ‘Remotely controlled mandibular positioners may provide a prospective means for predicting AMP treatment outcome.’
    • ‘This new wrist positioner is remarkable because of its simplicity.’