Definition of positional goods in English:

positional goods

plural noun

  • Goods which are in limited supply and which become more sought after and relatively more expensive as material prosperity increases.

    • ‘And so, as more and more people get rich, the positional goods they want keep moving just beyond their grasp.’
    • ‘However, there is a great deal of mobility in Highbury society, a mobility expressed largely through the circulation of young women, and here escalation is less a matter of positional goods then of cultural capital.’
    • ‘In a booming economy characterized by net immigration rather than net emigration, where the demands of an expanding middle class are outstripping supply, the acquisition of positional goods becomes ever more difficult.’
    • ‘In the male sphere of Georgian life, being clever helps you attain positional goods; in the female, it helps you marry well.’
    • ‘And that's why each of these groups has its own luxury markers - positional goods, in marketing jargon - to be bought, not made.’
    • ‘Thus the spending by the wealthy on many positional goods acts as a curious sort of natural taxation.’
    • ‘Many of us fail to recognize how much of our consumption is devoted to these positional goods.’