Definition of posing pouch in English:

posing pouch


  • A man's garment covering only the genitals.

    • ‘Male kangaroos don't have a pouch to cosset young Joey for one thing; and while some human males might admit to a posing pouch, they certainly don't have the hips on which to balance and bounce a blubbering baby for hours on end.’
    • ‘And don't get me going on posing pouches either.’
    • ‘I sported a veritable toothpick, tiny and subtle, sufficiently understated to let people know I had no issues with my masculinity, and didn't require nine inches of gleaming blade to justify the pitiful contents of my posing pouch.’
    • ‘It's adult in tone (despite its ridiculous premise), the performances are subtle, and the script is tighter than a gnat's posing pouch.’
    • ‘To my left, a pudgy sixty-year-old man wears just a posing pouch.’
    • ‘We haven't seen so many people at Lupin Towers since I posted that photo of me in my posing pouch.’
    • ‘After struggling into my posing pouch I hit the door, and then the table, face down.’
    • ‘In the event, of course, the jamboree was about as modest, understated and tasteful as Liberace in a snakeskin posing pouch.’
    • ‘I never did get round to owning a posing pouch, but I remember the liberation that came with my first purchase of a slinky black nothing with no sides to speak of.’
    • ‘He'd take his posing pouch to work and do Tarzanograms for the girls' birthdays.’
    • ‘I have never truly felt comfortable with the boxer-short phenomenon and I am heartened that our most fashionable retailers report that sales of manly posing pouches are up by an astonishing 40%.’
    • ‘It was quite a contrast: women with face-lifts and designer dogs; stick-thin models in miniskirts; fat cats with pale suits and cigars; young men, beautiful but hilarious, in their bright orange posing pouches.’
    • ‘The only disappointments are the two stifled and formulaic physique shots of young men in posing pouches.’
    • ‘Indicate that you surf close to home and usually keep your vibrating cell phone discreetly in your posing pouch.’
    • ‘The big mouthed model looked as if she had one too many as she snogged the strippers and fondled their bulging posing pouches.’
    • ‘It soon became obvious to my assailant that this was no posing pouch that I was wearing.’
    • ‘This replacement for the popular model is designed to be a hardcore sports car, not just a posing pouch.’


posing pouch